Ready-to-publish translation

Our translations – which also undergo solid editing – comply with the standards of international publishing houses and are ready for publication in international and high-profile scientific journals with a high impact factor. We translate entire journals and articles on an ongoing basis. Our working methods encapsulate the specificity of publications, we provide professional translation even in narrow specializations. We will save you time and ensure that the formal conditions necessary for publication will be met. Our translations are accepted by international publishing houses.

Our ready-for-publication translation support is used by scientists and university level schools – both colleges and technical universities. Each time, we carefully prepare for the translation, analyze the bibliography in detail and read the items contained in it, in order to delve deep into the topic. Thanks to work in two-person teams, our translations are not only made with excellent workmanship and subjected to detailed proofreading, but also thoroughly verified by a native speaker who will capture all the nuances noticeable only by a native user of a given language.

Lingualine - Tłumaczenia gotowe do publikacji

The scope of our work encompasses such science disciplines as:

How do we translate and prepare texts for publication?

Our team consists of only the best translators (including sworn translators), whose language competences, educational background, expertise and specialization guarantee translation at the highest linguistic and substantive level. Owing to work in two-person teams, texts are subject to double and in-depth control, and the translator receives support from the coordinator. Each text is verified and proofread – at the author’s request, we also offer proofreading by a native speaker specialized in a given field.

Our translations are in line with the standards of international publishing houses and are ready for publication in international scientific journals with a high impact factor. You can rest assured that our texts meet the formal criteria for publication in scientific journals.

Translation process


Text analysis


Selection of a translator specializing in a given field


Forwarding the text for translation


Verification, proofreading and formatting of the translation

Why Should You Bet On Us?

Guaranteed Quality

Over the years, we have developed a customer service system that guarantees superior quality and gives customers confidence that their text will be put in the hands of the best specialists with an exceptional linguistic and substantive background.

Always On Time

We treat deadlines as “sacred”, which is why you can rest assured that you will receive your translation on time, and that it will be prepared at a high substantive and linguistic level.

Elastic Payment Methods

We appreciate your trust and loyalty, which is why we offer our regular customers the option of distributing the payment or settling it after the service.