Language audit

A language audit is nothing but an assessment of language competences prepared on the basis of the generally recognized description of language proficiency levels of the Council of Europe. Owing to a professional and thorough audit, we can manage the training process more effectively, and thus set out goals, opportunities and expectations in order to offer our clients the most effective learning program and system.

Why is it worth conducting a language audit in your company?

First of all: it saves you both time and money.

The definition of clear needs allows for the perfect adjustment of the program and duration of the course to the client.

Second: to motivate your staff!

Nothing gives a boost for learning and progress as much as knowing that we have a final test ahead.

And third: to grow

After all, higher language competences mean greater opportunities on foreign markets.

We can perform a free language audit and prepare a competence development program best suited to your preferences and financial capabilities.

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