Lingualine - Kompleksowa obsługa wydawnictw

Comprehensive publishing services

Every ambitious scientist and author strives to be seen and heard in the world of science or literature. And not just on the Polish market! Our mission is to support publishing houses and the authors in their development, which is impossible without reaching audiences outside our country.

Our comprehensive publishing
services include:


translation of entire scientific journals or individual scientific articles


preparing translations that meet the standards of international publishing houses and are ready for publication in international scientific journals with a high impact factor


exceptional commitment – we always delve deep into the topic and analyze individual bibliography items to make sure that the translation accurately reflects the author’s intentions


translation of scientific books from various academic disciplines, humanities, and literature


social media support, incl. translation of content posted on company channels and social media profiles


work in two-person teams consisting of an experienced translator and a specialized coordinator

Translation process


Text analysis


Selection of a translator specializing in a given field


Forwarding the text for translation


Verification, proofreading and formatting of the translation

Why Should You Bet On Us?

Guaranteed Quality

Over the years, we have developed a customer service system that guarantees superior quality and gives customers confidence that their text will be put in the hands of the best specialists with an exceptional linguistic and substantive background.

Always On Time

We treat deadlines as “sacred”, which is why you can rest assured that you will receive your translation on time, and that it will be prepared at a high substantive and linguistic level.

Elastic Payment Methods

We appreciate your trust and loyalty, which is why we offer our regular customers the option of distributing the payment or settling it after the service.